Timothy is a 50-year-old man who has Cerebral Palsy. He is his own guardian and lives alone in a large city in Alberta. Timothy attended a segregated elementary school for two years, and then went on to public school where he was in regular classrooms. He had some sexual education classes, which he found to be very useful and increase his knowledge on the subject. However, Timothy does not think that these classes helped him in terms of pursuing a relationship. Moreover, the classes did not include any information related to his disability and sexuality. During his years in school, he felt quite isolated and lonely. Timothy’s parents were never comfortable discussing sex and sexuality with him or his brother, so his information on the subject came from sex education classes, through talking with friends (who were often persons with disabilities), and by reading books. Timothy and his brother are very close, and they discuss issues regarding sex. Timothy had his first girlfriend when he was at university and engaged in sexual relationships later in his life. Timothy thinks he may have had relationships earlier if he had more supports in place. Although his parents never expected him to have a family of his own, Timothy did sometimes think about having kids, which has not happened.