Jason is a 26-year-old man who has ADHD and does not consider himself disabled. He lives alone in an apartment in a large town. Jason works for a utilities company and delivers flyers, and his hobby is building computers. Jason’s parents divorced when he was 10 years old, and this event has had a big impact on Jason’s life. He was severely bullied during school in the USA; however, rather than address the bullying, the schools penalized him and transferred him elsewhere. The only sexual education Jason received was in elementary school, which was not useful because it omitted information about girls. His dad and stepmom did not talk with him about sex either, so Jason had to learn about it from movies, internet pornography, and his high school girlfriends. After high school Jason moved back to Canada by himself, and has since been socially isolated and single. Jason has not been given the tools and training for smooth social interaction. For example, he invited a group of unacquainted minors in from a snowstorm for hot chocolate, which resulted in a police inquiry and harassing phone calls. He has also had difficulty in starting and maintaining relationships, because he was not taught how to interact with people by his parents or mentors. Jason says he is interested in having a girlfriend, but not interested in having sex. He is his own guardian, although his grandfather exerts a heavy influence on Jason’s life by controlling his finances and frequently threatening him. This significantly contributes to Jason’s social isolation and lack of autonomy.