Daryl is a 23-year-old man with learning disabilities (affects reading, writing, spelling) and ADHD. He lives together with his supportive roommate in a seven-person dwelling in a large city, and identifies as Christian. Daryl currently works for a survey company asking people about their quality of life on PDD, and is involved with a theatre group. It was a struggle for Daryl to get into options during high school, like welding, because he was completely segregated. His sexual education only lasted one week, and it did not mention disability or building and maintaining relationships. Daryl’s parents talked with him about sex, but they did not teach him to recognize the social cues essential for dating. He moved into transitional living when he was 16, because his mom was manipulating and verbally abusing him. Transitional living aimed to teach Daryl how to be independent, although curfew and a no-sex rule restricted his sexual independence. Daryl experimented with a homosexual relationship after he moved out of supported living, which he realized was not for him. Daryl’s dating life is currently restricted by the text-based design of dating sites, his religion, and a lack of financial supports to help him to pay for dates. Daryl is very open with his disabilities, and some women at bars infantilize him because of this. His openness has also led to employment discrimination in hiring and wage equality.