Chuck is a 27-year-old man who has intellectual and learning disabilities (which affect reading and writing) as well as depression. He rents an apartment with a roommate of his choosing in a medium-sized city, and is an inactive Mormon. Chuck works part time for a catering company and receives AISH. He eventually wants to have an apprenticeship-based career. Chuck’s invisible disability was doubted in his integrated classes, and he ran into difficulty convincing a teacher that he genuinely needed to use the resource lab. Chuck’s sexual education did not cover relationships skills, and the teachers were reluctant to answer questions. His peers socially excluded him from their small-town high school, and it was not until he graduated that he began to date. Chuck’s family and religion expected him to get married and have kids, but did not provide the directions or resources needed for him to realise these expectations. Chuck met his first girlfriend at an integrated bowling league, but they broke-up because Chuck had not been taught by his parents or teachers how to sustain a relationship. He has had three girlfriends since then, and has not had sex. Chuck links sex to children and marriage, and he does not feel capable of providing for a family because he lacks financial supports. Chuck stresses the importance of communication in relationships, and spoke about the exclusionary text-based design of online dating. Some girls think that Chuck is gay, which seems to be linked to the disablist notion that disability is incompatible with heteronormative masculinity.