Twyla is a 28-year-old woman who has severe learning disabilities. She was scheduled to move into an assisted living situation in a basement suite and start work at a recycling depot a few days after the interview. Twyla was sexually abused as a child by her mother’s boyfriend, and the police investigation and trial were very hard on her. Twyla’s school did not acknowledge her invisible disability until grade ten, when she was two years behind. She found her sexual education lacking because it did not cover homosexuality. Her first relationship ended in a short engagement after she discovered that her male fiancé was unfaithful. Afterwards, Twyla started dating a female co-worker, but had to break up due to societal prejudice against homosexuality. Twyla then entered into a relationship with a single mom whose child she looked after. However, Twyla discovered she was cheating, and they broke up. Most recently, Twyla was in a long-term relationship with a woman who has Crohn’s disease. Twyla paid all their finances, but once her girlfriend started to receive AISH, Twyla’s low-cost housing was revoked, and she was suddenly responsible for higher living costs. They broke-up after Twyla discovered her girlfriend cheating online. Twyla was not given the tools and social connections needed to help her deal with these relationships, in which she felt taken advantage of, nor has she been given the financial support needed to feel secure. Although Twyla attends the social events of the local LGBTQ organisation, she feels she cannot develop a deep connection with anybody there since she never sees them outside of organisation events.