Robert is a 52-year-old man who lives by himself in a large city in Alberta. Robert was in a severe car crash when he was 21-years-old that put him in a coma for a year, and in the hospital for three years. While in the hospital a doctor gave Robert the wrong medication and he had a stroke, which affected his ability to use his hands. Upon discharge, the hospital did not provide him with any information about how his disability would impact his sexuality. Sexual education was not offered when Robert went to high school, and he learned about sex from his father and friends. His friends supported Robert after he was discharged from the hospital, and arranged sex workers for him. Robert most serious relationship after the accident was with a young female nurse he met while working as a journalist for a newspaper. They dated for ten years, until she became a nun. Their break-up had a very negative impact on Robert. Throughout the interview Robert asserts that he is not cognitively disabled, and that he has done everything by himself.