Mikayla is a 37-year-old FNMI woman who has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She lives in a large city in Alberta. Mikayla grew up in an abusive foster home, and was repeatedly sexually abused by her foster father. When she was 14-years-old she was placed in a group home for severely disabled children by her foster father, who believed she might reveal his ongoing abuse. Mikayla attended multiple schools as a result of her time in different foster situations and group homes, and has not been provided with information or supports related to sexuality and relationships. Mikayla’s first unplanned pregnancy occurred when she was 19 years old, and her abusive boyfriend forced her to have an abortion. She became pregnant again at 23, but gained the courage to leave her boyfriend and keep her daughter. Mikayla and her daughter lived in a supportive family home for approximately 5 years, but Mikayla felt she did not receive the intended support in this situation, and rather was expected to care for her support worker’s children. Further, Mikayla recalls the time she and her daughter lived in this home as troubling and painful as a parent, because her daughter referred to the support worker as “Mommy” and did not recognize Mikayla as her mother. Although Mikayla does not believe her daughter has any disabilities, she feels her child’s aggressive behavior prevented Mikayla from being a good mother, and when her daughter was 7-years-old Mikayla sent her to live with a family friend. Mikayla has not had any serious relationships since leaving her daughter’s father, though she has had at least one additional unplanned pregnancy that ended in miscarriage. Mikayla has had several non-serious sexual relationships, but does not use birth control because she believes God will not let her get pregnant again.