Mandy is a 43-year-old mother of five who has learning disabilities and is 80% blind in one eye. She lives with her partner and two of her children in a three bedroom rental in a large city. Mandy is a stay at home mother and receives AISH. She grew up in foster care, and was frequently relocated. When she was 19, a gynecologist told Mandy that she could not bear children, so she did not use birth control with her first boyfriend. However, she soon became pregnant, and because neither she nor her boyfriend were prepared to start a family, her son was put up for adoption. Mandy married her second boyfriend after an unexpected pregnancy. Together they have a daughter, who is now 21, and a son who is now 17 and has special needs. Mandy’s now ex-husband was emotionally abusive, and during their divorce used Mandy’s disabilities to convince authorities that she was an unfit parent and incapable of caring for a child with a disability. As a result, both of their children were placed in foster care. Mandy was homeless for a brief time following her divorce and the apprehension of her children. She met her current partner after transitioning into affordable housing, and after two years was able to regain custody of her daughter with the help of a parenting support agency. Mandy and her current partner have been together for 11 years, and have a 10 year old daughter and a 5 year old son with special needs. Mandy hopes to reconnect with her 17 year old son when he turns 18 and ages out of the foster system.