Leanne Umanski is a 22-year-old woman who has Down’s Syndrome. She is her own guardian and lives with her parents and siblings in a large city. Leanne studies anthropology and modern classics at the local university, and she held a job at the residence there last summer performing housekeeping duties. She hopes to work as an administrative assistant in the future. Leanne was fully integrated in her Catholic school, and she had an aide in Grade 9. Leanne feels she was not ready for sexual education in middle school, and it seems to have been a very negative experience for her. She is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend of four years, and she described their plans to get married in a year. However, their relationship has been complicated by the influence Leanne’s parents exert over her knowledge surrounding sexuality. Leanne’s mom told her that she can date her boyfriend as long as she refrains from sex, and that if she has sex with her boyfriend (who also has Down’s Syndrome), their child will be born with Down’s Syndrome. Leanne feels that she is not ready for sex, and refuses her boyfriend’s suggestions to engage in sexual intimacy, such as sexting. Leanne is also constrained by a lack of autonomy. Her father controls her finances, and her parents chaperone her and her boyfriend throughout every date. Leanne says she only has one evening a week alone with her boyfriend, when they have theatre group together.