George is a 28-year-old man who has cerebral palsy, a visual impairment, and a learning disability. He is his own guardian and lives alone in an apartment in a mid-sized city in Alberta. He was not seeing anyone at the time of the interview. George describes himself as an advocate for persons with disabilities. At the time of our interview he was collecting AISH and attending college, studying to be a personal trainer. A couple of nights a month George works as an independent DJ, and he is also active in disabled sports. He speaks of his father as a crucial figure in his life, especially because of his support in fighting societal barriers related to his disabilities. However, even his father who is so supportive in many ways does not see George as a future parent. George is quite outgoing and leads an active social life. He studied in segregated classrooms until high school, and his last three years of school were in the regular classroom. The sex education classes in high school gave George useful information about the subject, and the teacher took extra time to make sure that he got information that pertained to persons with disabilities. The transition to a more inclusive educational environment was instrumental to developing his social skills and gaining confidence. George dated actively in high school, but his girlfriend from that time passed away. Later in adolescence, he began a long-term relationship with a young woman with disabilities that lasted for 7 years, and it ended under quite turbulent circumstances. The break-up concluded with George being charged for harassment, and he is now on 2 years’ probation. His disabilities played an important role in the court case, with much of his behaviour being attributed to his intellectual disabilities.