Ellen is a 25-year-old woman who has minor Cerebral Palsy, causing her to walk with knee and hip contractions. At age 18 she was also diagnosed with epilepsy. Ellen has encountered some people who have thought she is not genuinely disabled because she is not in a wheelchair. Ellen lives with two roommates in non-supported living, and she is working on her Master’s degree. Ellen felt alone during her Catholic schooling because she was not taught how to make friends. She was similarly uniformed about sexuality, learning only the mechanics of sex and biology in school and from her family. Ellen’s first serious and sexual relationship was with a man she met in university; they broke up after Ellen realized she was not in love with him. She later dated a manipulative man who exploited her vulnerability for sex. Ellen broke up with him one night when he took out his phone to plan his evening – while still lying on top of her naked. She says it was a very anxiety-provoking experience for her, but she did not have many supports to talk to. Ellen met her current partner of 1½ years while volunteering. She did not want a relationship at the time because she felt physically weak and exhausted, but she says he was very persistent. Her partner has trouble adjusting to Ellen’s increasing independence, and he can infantilise her and be overprotective at times. Ellen wants to have children with her partner, but has not discussed it with him yet.