Carl is a 28-year-old man who has learning disabilities and ADHD. His family includes his parents, who are his guardians, two brothers, and one sister. He lives in Calgary with a supportive family. In school, Carl studied in segregated Special Education classrooms. He did not participate in sex education classes. Carl learned about relationships from his father, who also has a disability (ADHD). Carl’s father taught him about appropriate conduct when talking to women, how to maintain eye contact, and about birth control. He also introduced him to masturbation. These are subjects that Carl seems to be very comfortable with, but he does not feel prepared when it comes to interpreting body language. Although he wants to date someone and to be sexual active, he does not have enough tools to interpret and navigate interpersonal relationships that would lead to emotional and sexual fulfillment. Carl has never had sex, but he has some understanding about how sex works because he watches porn movies. He also tries to learn more about romance and love by watching movies that are dedicated to this topic. He would like to have a stable emotional relationship, and to be a parent. He is not concerned about passing on a disability, as he considers it to be a value.