Brianne is a 53 year old woman who was diagnosed with multiple congenital defects and a learning disability. She uses oxygen and a wheelchair. Brianne lives with ten people in a congregate care complex in a large city, and is part of an advocacy organization. She completed mainstream high school at a time when sexual education was not offered. Brianne’s family was open about sex, and her dad bought her sex toys because he perceived that she was sexually frustrated. However, neither her family nor her support worker encouraged or expected Brianne to find sexual partners, so she did not have her first sexual encounter until she was 35, with a man she met over phone sex. It was very upsetting for her, and afterwards he left indefinitely under the pretense of buying chips. Brianne was quite fond of a married man who she also met through phone sex, and sometimes she would go to his house. However, Brianne could only travel there by handi-bus, which runs on a limited schedule. Not all the men Brianne had sex with used condoms, and she was not taught about their importance by her support systems. Brianne sometimes felt uncomfortable with the men who came into her home, but she had not been taught to assert herself in a way that made her feel safe and comfortable. Brianne’s support worker eventually helped her realise that she wants phone sex only if the man gives her pleasure and cleans up afterwards. Nonetheless, Brianne has stopped having phone sex, because she wants a relationship with more than just physical intimacy.