Amy is a 37-year-old woman who has ADHD and neurofibromatosis. She lives in a large city in Alberta with her parents and brother, and is her own guardian. Amy attended Catholic school, and was in special education classes from grade three on. She attended sex education classes, but she did not find them very useful, as she was already familiar with birth control and other basic information about relationships and sexuality through discussions with her mother. Amy dated her first boyfriend during high school. After graduating high school she met her future husband, whom she was married to for 5 years. Amy’s husband did not have disabilities, though he experienced problems with alcohol and substance abuse. Amy and her husband were not often intimate because, as she states, he had difficulty engaging in sex. While she was married, Amy was accused of sexually assaulting a child she babysat. The charges were dropped shortly after. This was a stressful event for her, and Amy did not receive much support from her husband. After they divorced, she had several relationships, but none of them lasted very long. Amy is quite out-going and she is involved in the community, but she is also shy and she finds it difficult to meet potential partners. Amy would like to have children, but is medically unable carry a child. She is aware that it would be difficult for her to adopt, given her disabilities. Amy is unsure if she will get married again, but she hopes to find a good man and have a serious relationship.