Allen is a 25-year-old man who has bipolar disorder and high functioning autism. His family includes his mother and father, who are divorced; three brothers, who are also on the autism spectrum; and one sister. Allen has a public guardian, who is not very involved in his life; sometimes Allen wishes his guardian was more supportive. He lives in a large city in Alberta with a couple of roommates, including one supportive roommate who was hired through an agency. Allen has attended some classes at the local college and university. He is involved in martial arts, has had different part-time jobs, and is quite active in his community. He began attending a specialized school for youth with behavioral and emotional difficulties when he was 8 years old, where he learned about sex, STDs, and birth control. Allen is single and has never dated anyone or had sex; he seems to be very determined about not dating and prefers being single. Allen seems to identify sex with parenthood, as well as with financial responsibilities for his potential partner. He does not believe he can live up to those expectations, so he chooses not to engage in any sexual activities with others. Allen’s beliefs about sex come from three different sources: he is concerned about the genetic factors that are present in his family; he identifies as Christian and is influenced by religious beliefs; and finally, his mother advises him and his brothers not to have children. Allen wishes to move to Australia, because it is less populated, has a good climate, and is known for good social services.