Alesha is a 30-year-old woman who has cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, and ADHD. She is her own guardian, and lives alone in mid-size city in Alberta. She works as a support worker and has vast experience in the field of disability. Alesha’s family includes her parents, two brothers, and one sister. She attended Christian elementary and middle school, where she was included in regular classrooms. In high school she attended boarding school. Sex Ed classes were not offered at her schools, and she did not discuss sex with her parents. Alesha learned about sex and sexuality from teen magazines, older friends, and from her first boyfriend, who she was with when she was 22. In her twenties, Alesha had a boyfriend who was violent, and harassed and stalked her. At the time, Alesha did not know how to handle the situation, but once she reported it, the police were very helpful and issued a restraining order against her former boyfriend. Alesha is currently is engaged to an man who does not have any disabilities, and they have a stable relationship. They hope to have a biological child in the near future, and to be foster parents to a child with disabilities. Alesha is interested in learning more about mothers with disabilities, and she is exploring sources on the internet and talking to people to learn more about the parenting practices of persons who use wheelchairs. Although she is aware of possible barriers to motherhood, she is a resourceful person who knows where to seek support and how to overcome challenges.